We take disaster recovery very serious.  We’ve had client’s buildings actually burn down.  We take down time very seriously and they burned down on a Thursday night, we had them in a new location working off of MIFI with new computers we purchase and our client was taking customer orders by 11:00 AM.  We are partnered with an offsite backup provider that takes this situation just a serious.  We also setup disaster recovery plans for doctor’s offices, manufactures, and your typical small offices.


We specialize in three ways for disaster recovery:

1)      Hard drive or tape swap out.  This is the more old school way of doing things but gets the job done we or someone on your staff does it.  This is also the most affordable.

2)      Offsite recovery.  This is a nice way to keep your data offsite without having to do too much worrying.  Also getting an email daily verifying your backup gives you piece of mind.  However, if your server melts down this solution can take awhile to recover the data.

3)      Backup server.  This is a nice way of basically taking a virtual snap shot of your server and if your primary server goes down, we move it all to the new virtual.  This gives you little down time in a disaster, but should be mixed with some kind of offsite recovery solution.


The best way to figure out which solution is right for you is to determine the cost of downtime for your company.


Make sure your data is protected and backed up.  Our backup specialists not only backup your data we also verify it.  The best way to verify a backup is to actually do a test restore.  If you are happy with your current backup solution, make sure you do a test restore at least monthly.