If your server crashed, how long would it take to be back in business?  If your network was locked down by an encryption virus, would you know how to recover your files?  If catastrophe struck your area, would you be able to recover your data?  Your network is the center of your business, but accidents happen; let Thatch Computer Consulting bring you piece of mind with our disaster recovery services.

We specialize in three disaster recovery methods:

  1. Duplicate hard drives.  This method creates a physical copy of your server data that can be stored onsite or elsewhere.  This can be performed by Thatch Computer Consulting or by your employees, making this a very affordable option.
  2. Cloud Based Recovery.  This offsite backup solution provides you with an encrypted replica of your data.  Getting a daily email confirmation of the backup means that you can rest knowing your information is safe.
  3. Backup Server.  This represents a full replication of your servers on backup hardware.  This solution minimizes downtime while providing a window for recovery.

We have had experience using software from the following vendors

Left_external_Hard_Drive_onsite  (Actual photo of backup hard drive left on site and destroyed from a fire)