Have a special project that requires additional headcount?  Let Thatch Computer Consulting supplement your existing workforce to drive your venture to completion.

Firewalls and Routers

Our techs specialize in several routers and firewalls including:  Cisco, Watchguard, and Sonic Wall.  With these devices we can connect multiple offices together in a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  Keeping all networking secure and all traffic safe in HIPPA or PCI environment.



We can help design and setup a network no matter the size.  Our consultants are comfortable programming VLANS for layer 2 and layer 3 switches or just plain old unmanaged switches..  Switches we specialize in are Cisco, Extreme, HP, and Net gear. We do switch design and setup with the following systems:


CoLo Servers

We also setup scenarios for companies to reach their Colo servers.  This allows them to have a safe, secure connection to their favorite data center.  We don’t partner up with data centers so that we can give you the best solution.  We use data centers from the following vendors: